Top 10 Best Jigsaw Reviews and Woodworking Expert Guide

Jigsaw feeding tool is a jigsaw consisting of an electric motor and a reciprocal saw blade. Jigsaws with a single plate that has the function of beveling can usually reduce angles up to 45 degrees.

Whether you’re an experienced woodworker or an enthusiastic fan, the jigsaw is one of the highest power machines you can buy. And we are here to help you get the best jigsaw on the store. Its versatility and easiness of use are the two reasons why the jigsaw is the second tool to buy. Jigsaws can cut straight lines or curves of your choice and can help you complete a carpentry project faster and easier.

It can do everything from simple cuts to plywood or intricate shapes for a piece of furniture. Jigsaws are an absolute must for anyone who works with wood. Also, better with the proper blade, this machine can operate in metal, wood, tiles, etc. Another tool for this work would be a reciprocal saw.

With many options out there, we understand that picking the best jigsaw can be confusing. In this overview of the best jigsaws of 2020, we help you to go through the shopping process. Hopefully, after reading our review of the top 10 jigsaws on the market today, you will be able to choose a model that is perfect for your needs.


1. Bosch JS470E 120V

Our best choice for the best jigsaw of 2020 is the Bosch JS470E 120V top handle jigsaw. This power machine is one of the best models on the market today. The JS470E offers unmatched cutting accuracy and features the best 7.0 engine in its class, ideal for cutting curves. The dial at the back of this jigsaw controls the maximum speed. And the accelerator trigger allows for optimal operating speed.

This jigsaw with a large aluminum footplate, aluminum gearbox, and the insulated lid is built long-term and features a low vibration diving cutting design and provides constant response swords for consistent load speeds.

Also, the shovel ejection lever eliminates the touch of hot knives and facilitates the exchange of blades.

The Bosch JS470E jigsaw is capable of solving the most demanding projects. They outperform clean, accurate, and efficient cuts faster than any model with a similar price available today.

2. DEWALT DCS331M1 20V

DEWALT DCS331M1 is our choice for the premium jigsaw on the market. It is equipped with features, and with the emphasis on durability and performance that we expected from DEWALT, it is just one of the best jigsaw models in its class.

The DCS331M1 jigsaw runs on a 20V MAX Premium X-Ion rechargeable battery. This means you get the benefits of a wireless tool. With great features such as an all-metal key less clamp, a key less 4 set shoe cough, and a variable speed range of up to 3,000 SPM. This tool is capable of taking on even the most demanding projects.

DEWALT has brought many ideas into the design of this versatile tool. Including useful features such as a built-in dust blower and a removable shoe cover that protects the material from scratches.

The DCS331M1 is durable and comfortable while providing enough energy and stability to be a reliable power tool.


The BLACK DECKER BDEJS600C jigsaw is a falsely powerful tool that can be purchased for about $40. While other equally affordable jigsaws on the market could save on design or performance. This tool can provide speed, versatility, and features that are not generally found on jigsaws at this price.

With a 5 amp engine with up to 3000 SPM charges, the BDEJS600C jigsaw can compete with many of its competitors. With features such as orbital curve control settings for a comfortable cutting fit. This 45-degree angle can work in adjustable boot for more stability, and better wire coverage. And this provides a better field of view for optimal cutting accuracy. This affordable jigsaw is ideal for any project.

The BLACK-DECKER BDEJS600C jigsaw is an efficient and ergonomic saw. It offers the same performance and features that provide much more expensive jigsaws. It is one of the best models for value in the current market.


1. Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E is part of the best jigsaws on the market today. Bosch is known for its outstanding engineering excellence and produces some highest-rated electrical tools and accessories for more than 15 years.

The JS470E 120-Volt is sturdy, durable, and accurate with stable aluminum foot and industrial design. This jigsaw can withstand even the most demanding working conditions. The JS470E, capable of making clean and precise cuts in a variety of materials. It is a versatile jigsaw ideal for use in a variety of applications.


Why we like it

  • Engine 7 amps, which is charging up to 3,100 SPM
  • Robust aluminum gearbox and cast aluminum boots for increased durability
  • Ergonomic handle for more extended use without fatigue
  • Variable speed settings and 4-orbital settings allow fine-tuning in any application
  • It has cable
  • Strokes minute: 3,100 SPM
  • Weight: 10.38 lbs

2. DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Set

DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Set

DEWALT DCS331M1 is one of the best jigsaws that money can buy. This 20V power tool combines wireless flexibility with impressive speeds of up to 3,000 SPM. This jigsaw is competent of being used in a variety of materials and applications.

With a quick blade replacement function and a fantastic reverse function that is capable of making cuts of 15, 30, and 45 degrees, dcs331M1 is one of the best jigsaws on the market. With strength, stability, and high performance, you can be sure that this will be the tool in your carpentry for years to come.

Why we like it

  • Powerful battery engine with a running time of 3,000 SPM
  • Robust and durable construction lasts years of strong use
  • Large ergonomic handle for comfort and stability
  • 4-orbital adjustment and variable speed allow fine adjustment in any application
  • 4 unpleasant options 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees
  • It is cordless
  • Strokes minute: 3,000 SPM
  • Weight: 13.75 lbs



BLACK-DECKER BDEJS600C is the perfect jigsaw for anyone looking for a powerful tool at an incredibly low price. While getting a lot can make someone happy, a good feeling won’t last if the product doesn’t work well. Fortunately, Black-Decker has managed to create a versatile and well-constructed jigsaw that offers five amps and 3,000 SPM.

This jigsaw is loaded with many of the same features you’ll find in the most expensive models on the market. No matter who you are, this tool is a lot for anyone who wants to buy a reliable tool that will take years.

Why we like it    

  • Powerful 5 amp engine with 3000 SPM
  • Large ergonomic handle for comfort and stability
  • 4-orbital adjustment and variable speed allow fine adjustment in any application
  • 45-degree inverted cutting capacity
  • Realized how many of the most expensive models
  • It has a Cable
  • Strokes per minute: 3,000 SPM
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs

4. SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw

SKIL 4495-02 Orbital Laser Jigsaw

Orbital laser Jigsaw SKIL 4495-02 offers performance and accuracy at a very affordable price. It is Ideal for any carpentry or metal project, this wire jigsaw has an adjustable orbital setting that allows you to adjust the cut type from fast to smooth.

With the technology of a robust 6-amp motor, the SKIL-4495-02 jigsaw offers a very high working speed. And its robust foot design means you get more control at the beginning of the cut to make sure your finished work piece is smooth and clean. Also, with the built-in laser guide, you can be sure that every cut you make is accurate. This is a great jigsaw to help you take your projects to the next level.

Why we like it

  • Powerful 6-amp motor with 3,200 SPM
  • Large ergonomic handle for added comfort and stability for users
  • Four orbital settings and variable speed settings allow fine-tuning in any application
  • Reversibly cutting capacity 22.5 and 45 degrees
  • Laser guide for better accuracy
  • It has cable
  • Strokes per mnute: 3,200 SPM
  • Weight: 6.12 lbs

5. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-amp jigsaw

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 6-amp jigsaw

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is a robust and well-designed jigsaw that delivers an impressive six ampére performance. With speed adjustment 7, this jigsaw allows you to choose the speed of the blade that is ideal for every project you apply to ensure optimal results. PORTER-CABLE has a reputation for producing quality tools, and this powerful tool is no exception.

It gives useful features such as a lock button and an oversized handle that prevents user fatigue during long woodcut sessions. And thanks to quick and easy blade replacements and a powerful 6amp, this cable jigsaw is ideal for a variety of materials and applications.

Why we like it

  • Powerful 6-amp motor with 3,200 SPM
  • Large front and top handles with a massive injection for better grip and comfort
  • 4-orbital and seven variable speed settings allow fine-tuning in any application
  • Locking function for long cuts
  • Simple blade replacement system without tool
  • It has a cable
  • Strokes per minute: 3,200 SPM
  • Weight: 6 lbs

6. Makita 4329K jigsaw

Makita 4329K jigsaw

Makita 4329K is a high-quality industrial jigsaw from a brand known for building durable and powerful tools. This forward jigsaw includes a 3.9-A engine that can provide a speed of 500-3,100 SPM. It can work quickly, even the most demanding projects.

With ergonomic handles, rubber grip, and aluminum base, the 4329K jigsaw is comfortable and robust. Although its engine is slightly less potent than some of its competitors. It still offers more than enough speed for each project. With a compact design and a weight of 4.2 lbs, it also allows you to work on even the most tiresome projects with minimal fatigue. It comes with useful features and is one of the best power jigsaws in its class.

Why we like it

  • Speed up to 3,100 SPM
  • Molded aluminum base for increased durability and stability
  • Ergonomic rubber handle and lock function for long-term fatigue-free use
  • Variable speed settings and three orbit settings allow accurate results in each application
  • It has a cable
  • Strokes per minute: 3,100 SPM
  • Weight: 4.2 lbs

7. Bosch JS470EB Barrel Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470EB Barrel Handle Jigsaw

With the JIGSAW BOSCH JS470EB, Bosch once again evaluates the ten best jigsaws of 2017. This is part of the best jigsaws in his class. With a 7-A motor, this tool is robust and includes shaped legs with a steel insert and barrel handle.

Bosch has wrapped several great features in this jigsaw, including a blade pull-out lever that allows you to remove the hot blade without touching it. And an adjustable dust blower that is perfect for keeping the cutting line clear. JS470EB is a well-designed jigsaw that provides accuracy, accuracy, and performance in durable packaging.

Why we like it

  • Powerful 7-amp motor with 3 100 SPM
  • Robust, durable aluminum gearbox and pressed aluminum footplate can withstand years of heavy use
  • Large ergonomic barrel core handle for added comfort and stability
  • 4-orbital adjustment and variable speed allow fine-tuning in any application
  • Built-in dust blower, soaking mechanism, and low-vibration mechanisms which will enable smooth and precise cuts
  • It has a cable
  • Strokes per minute: 3,100 SPM
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs

8. PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt Jigsaw

PORTER-CABLE PCC650B 20-Volt Jigsaw

The PCC650B is a wireless entry into the DOOR CABLE jigsaw line and runs with a 20V MAX rechargeable lithium battery. Lightweight and durable, this jigsaw offers up to 2500 SPM cutting speeds and three orbital settings that allow you to adjust your cutting aggression according to your application.

With a tool-free blade version and beveled shoe, it is incredibly versatile and ideal for cutting a variety of metal and wood materials. And for those looking for a permanent jigsaw that may not be involved, the PCC650B is a fantastic choice.

Why we like it

  • Powerful 2,500 SPM rechargeable
  • Large ergonomic handle for added comfort and stability for the user
  • 3-orbital settings and variable speed triggers allow fine-tuning in any application
  • 45-stage cutting power
  • Take advantage of the mobility of the battery tool
  • It is cordless
  • Strokes per minute: 2.500 SPM
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs

9. DEwalt DW331K Upper handle Jig Pila

DEwalt DW331K Upper handle Jig Pila

DEWALT is known for producing sturdy and durable power tools, and the DW331K jigsaw is no exception. This jigsaw works on an impressive 6.5A engine with an ability of 500 to 3100 SPM.

This Saw is incredibly versatile with the orbital effect of 4 positions, so you can decide how aggressive your cuts are. Also, the variable speed control allows quick adjustments and makes it ideal for various applications.

It designed with an all-metal gearbox, the DW331K jigsaw is durable enough, even for the most demanding task, and the addition of a plastic-free, non-marring shoe cover makes it the perfect tool to cut even the finest materials. This jigsaw is robust and provides accurate results in itself, making it a versatile addition to any workshop.

Why we like it

  • Powerful 6.5A engine with 3,100 SPM
  • Large ergonomic handle for added comfort and stability for the user
  • 4-orbital adjustment and variable speed allow fine-tuning in any application
  • Reverse cutting capacity 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees
  • The locking function allows you to focus on accuracy instead of the trigger
  • It has a cord
  • Strokes per minute: 3,100 SPM
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs

10. Makita Jv0600k top handle jig saw

Makita Jv0600k top handle jig saw

Makita makes excellent power tools, which is why it makes our list of top 10 jigsaws 2017, again with the JV0600K. This chain saw is designed with a low profile body that offers better maneuverability in compact areas.

Constructed with die-cast aluminum base and ergonomic rubberized handle with 2-finger trigger provides increased comfort and durability.

With a powerful 6.5 amp engine that speeds up to 3,100 SPM, it can handle a variety of applications while providing faster and more accurate cuts. Best of all, this Mature jigsaw weighs just 5.2 kg, which means less fatigue of the user during even the most demanding projects.

The Jv0600k is one of the best options on the market for someone who wants to buy a robust Jigsaw, which can be used even in a confined space.

Why we like it

  • Powerful 6.5 amps engine, capable of 3,100 MPS
  • Large rubberized upper handle for better control and comfort
  • 3-orbital adjustment and variable speed control allow fine adjustment in any application
  • Blocking function to improve performance during long or complicated cuts
  • Simple and tool system for replacing blades
  • It has a cord
  • Strokes Per Minute: 3, 100 SPM
  • Weight: 5. Two books

Buyer’s Guide

How to use a Jigsaw?

The jigsaw is one of the most accessible tools to achieve ideal, even for the most inexperienced DIY. Luckily, it is also part of the most widespread. With a straight blade, the Saw can cut through various materials, such as plywood, wood, metal, and tile.

And the added advantage of curved cutting functions makes it one of the best options for cutting shapes in various materials.

Whether in the woodworking project, you cut the design, the hole in the counter top for the installation of the farm, which you have purchased, or metal cutting or thin tiles, the jigsaw is the perfect and compact tool for this job. If you want to cut longer pieces of wood, we recommend a sliding saw for greater accuracy.

With a small guide, even a beginner can safely use a saw and achieve professional results. Once you master this powerful Saw, you can make perfectly straight, beveled, and curved cuts from wood and other materials.

How does Jigsaw work?

Saws are versatile hand tools that prune fast movements up and down. Saws can be used in different projects, but the secret to achieving professional results is to cut blade specially designed for the material that you are planning.

With blades for wood, plastics, metals, and tiles, the usefulness of this tool is fantastic. And they come in different cruise control engines so you can quickly control your jigsaw to reduce your hardware.

Cutting Wood

With its smooth saw movement and the benefits of cutting into an arc and diving, the jigsaw is one of the most used tools in woodworking. Cut clean and soft curves in the forest, the first press saw shoe firmly on the work piece and hold the blade, about an inch from the edge of the wood. Slowly press the trigger to activate the motor, then just follow the curve and make the blade outside the cutting line.

Don’t force your machine, you want the blade to do its job, not you. Follow the Saw at a speed that allows the blade to be cut without jumping or loading the engine. In very tight turns, the blade tends to bind.

To prevent this, simply use relief cuts (cuts that remove large debris from the room) to remove the excess waste and allow for better mobility. You can also jump into the forest. Throwing cuts will enable you to cut the entrance to the center of the wood.

It performs a submersible cut, and it is enough to tilt the jigsaw so that its blade is parallel to the work piece. Trigger to achieve maximum speed, then slowly tilt saw shoes, bottom knife, and drill into the wood.  If you’re afraid of damaging the wood, you can also use a drill, make a small ½ starter hole, with which you can work.

While jigsaw is perfect curves and cutting shapes in wood, they can also be used in various other applications. Jigsaws can make quick crosscuts out of wood and even clean the corner cuts inside for a more finished product.

Wooden saws use blades, which have several options. You can choose between the course or the thin blades. Thin blades cut slowly, but produce cleaner and smoother finished work. The course Blade can cut faster, but it gives you slightly rougher edges that require more sand.

Metal Coating

Although the Saw is one of the most popular tools in woodworking projects, it can also be used in various metalworking applications. Features found in one piece of the jigsaw as there is a high sawing force, a long blade stroke, a variable speed, an orbital cut, a suction hose and dust blower for these versatile tools that are perfect for cutting sheet metal, steel, thin tubes, and aluminum.

The essential thing to remember when you have a metal project is that these tools need a thin metal cutting blade rather than the one designed for use with wood. Without the straight blade, you can damage the blade and the workpiece. To cut a sheet, you need to choose a thinner blade with about 21-24 TPI (teeth per inch).

To avoid damage to the film or the formation of holes, place the film between two thin layers of plywood. Then simply drill a pilot hole, instead of trying to cut the metal, outside the curved cutting line and start working.

For a thin application, you can choose a higher speed setting. Still, for thicker materials such as the pipe, you need to remember the parameters of the Saw to lower the parameters for more control and accuracy.

And if you plan to cut through thick material, make sure that you have several additional knives, because the knife will wear out quickly, and you will make good use of the tool is a quick Blade Release function.


You can also perform your jigsaw using light tile work instead of using a particular tile-wet cutting Saw. The jigsaw is much easier and faster when cutting curves, cutouts, and shapes than pliers or bar saws and usually deals much less damage.

It is enough to buy several toothless carbide-gravel blades specially designed for cutting tiles. First, apply masking tape to the shoe of the Saw to prevent a wedding. Then you just need to tighten the tile firmly and press the Saw firmly on the tile to minimize vibration and avoid unnecessary breakage.

Remember that due to the heat associated with cutting, you need to mimic the functions of a wet saw. For thin tiles, simply frequently apply water to the tiles. For thicker tiles, you need to lubricate the saw blade with cutting oil.

What is the best-wired jigsaw?

While there are many jigsaws available, you may consider spending a little more on the best available jigsaw. Why? Because if you pay a little more in advance, you can buy one that lasts longer than some of the cheaper jigsaws on the market. But which Cable saw is the best in its class for 2020? We have experienced many simple things, and you are sure that you will be as impressed by the Bosch JS470E 120V jigsaw with Top handle as we were.

It has advanced energy Tools in the price range and, at the same time, offers more performance than its competitors. Let’s talk about why we are sold on this product. The Bosch JS470E 120V Top-Handle Jigsaw. You can say that Bosch Js470e is well designed once you pick it up.

It is a powerful tool that is ideal for everyday use, even in the most demanding industrial conditions. But great design doesn’t mean much if the machine doesn’t work well, then let’s see what’s under the hood.

The JS470E is perfect for everyone, whether DIY enthusiast, Carpenter, blacksmith, or even kitchen and bathroom installer. With the best class 7 motor amplifier capable of setting the idle speed between 5oo-3,100 SPM, it is ideal for fast and clean cuts in any room.

Bosch JS470E 120v

With four orbital action parameters, you can choose between different blade strokes for smooth or aggressive cuts, depending on the application. Variable speed control with a selector for maximum speed and accelerator trigger ensures that you have more than sufficient speed for each project.

This power tool also has a wide range of useful functions. The multi-directional blade clamp gives the blade a higher grip strength of the blade.

A simple blade change system and a shovel eject lever allow for quick blade replacement without touching hot, discarded knives. The built-in dust blower ensures that no dirt or sawdust blocks block the cutting line, and the locking knob provides additional stability during long cuts. Bosch JS470E offers excellent cutting accuracy.

Internal precision constant response control, precision diving machine system, and low vibration ensure incredible accuracy and smooth operation. The JS470E costs around $150 and is one of the best jigsaw purchases you can do. It offers exceptional level performance and efficiency.

It is designed with stability and durability to ensure that it withstands years of intensive use. And with an extensive collection of built-in features, it’s merely one of the most versatile and impressive rotating jigsaws on the market today.

What is the best wireless jigsaw ?

You are in the market for new jigsaws, but you may ask if wireless is as capable as the electrical jigsaws that are on the shelves. In the past, you may be right if you thought that battery-powered tools were just not as useful as their cable category. The good news is that since then, these high-power power tools have come a long way. Many tools powered by rechargeable batteries now get higher ratings than their power-powered rivals.

If you are interested in buying the best wireless jigsaw, we recommend you to buy the DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw Kit. This tool, which is considered one of the best jigsaws on the market, not only beats your colleagues with a battery but also spun. DEWALT is known for its sustainable engineering, high-quality power tools, and dcs331m1 is no exception. About DEWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Jigsaw.

This tool, dressed in the famous yellow and black color scheme of DEWALT, is a real animal and strong enough to handle virtually any work. And thanks to its robust, all-metal construction, this powerful battery tool is designed for its durability. Combine this durability with an ergonomic, non-slip comfort handle that prevents fatigue and increases control, and you have an incredible wearable tool to use for years to come.


Powered by a 2.5 and 20 V lithium-ion battery, this tool offers variable speed control from 500 to 3000 SPM. This means you have more extra power and can make quick cuts with perfect accuracy. Setting orbital actions of 4 positions allows you to make clean cuts with the ability to choose the ideal cutting action for the material you’re working on. This tool comes with useful features that can only increase its efficiency and versatility.


DCS331M1 is equipped with a keyless change of all-metal lever-action sheet of properties that allows quick and easy modifies of a layer. It also features all-metal, Keyless, World Championships, with restrictions, at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees. So you can adjust for angled cuts in seconds. Also, the integrated dust blower function ensures the accuracy of your work by keeping your eyesight free of dust and dirt.

With the possibility to change the blade, you can easily replace the standard wooden blade for any number of individual blades expands the versatility of this tool by allowing you to cut through tiles, metal, countertops, and plastic.

This means you can use this tool for almost any project. Besides, DEWALT is so confident that they offer one of the most reliable, high-performance jigsaw on the market today, supporting the three-year limited warranty.

Dewalt DCS331M1 is one of the best cordless saws of 2020. It has a robust design, impressive performance, and many features. It is a powerful tool that you will never regret buying. It can cut through a variety of materials with precision, speed, and precision, you will use this Saw for years to come.

Can the Saw cut the metal?

Although the Saw is one of the most popular woodworking tools, it does not stop there. These Universal special saws can cut through a wide range of materials, like steel. They are perfect for cutting mild steel, sheet metal, not iron pipes, aluminum, I nail even integrated wood. All you need is the appropriate blade for this job, and you will have a smooth and clean speech in no time. Using one of these tools for metalworking projects, you must first make sure that you have purchased one that has some essential features.

You want it to offer powerful saws, changing speeds, long stroke blades, and circumferential cutting options. These features allow it to create a clean and hurried language. Once you are sure of the power of the Saw is on the blade. Then you need to remember that not all blades are the same.

The wood cutting blade is specially designed to cut effortlessly through this specific material.  Trying to use one of these knives on the metal will only damage the blade, slow down the cutting process and possibly destroy the material you are working with.

Instead, just swap the wood for a beautiful metal night. These blades have smaller and more delicate teeth than their wood-eating counterparts, making them ideal for cutting metal quickly and cleanly.

Now that you have the right blade, it’s time to start working. With variable speed settings, you can press the trigger and set it to the ideal cutting speed. When dealing with thin materials such as sheet metal, the best results are obtained at high speed.

Remember that to avoid tearing the metal; you need to tighten it and try to stuff it between two thin plywood sheets. This allows you to make precise, without Burr, without a cut. With more resistant materials such as pipes and thick steel, you simply reduce the speed of the blade. This gives you more precision and prevents the blade from bouncing off the workpiece.

A tip If you are trying to cut pieces of thick metal: extra blades at hand, because cutting durable and dense metal tends to carry the blade much faster than thin sheets.

Jigsaw high quality and some metal blades, you can easily extend the versatility of this great, electric tool that allows you to replace the use of circular saws, and chops in many projects of metalworking.

Which machine is suitable for laminate flooring?

You can use your jigsaw for a mixture of projects, including cutting laminate floors. The Saw is one of the most popular energy tools for cutting laminate floors for several reasons. First, it is simple.

This is important because you use everything down and want to avoid fatigue as possible. Secondly, high-quality blades are inexpensive. Dense materials such as laminate quickly destroy any Saw Blade.

They are much better to go through a few packages of blades specially designed for working with a laminate floor compared to the wear of the carbide tip saw blade and had to spend almost $ 100 on each other. To cut through the laminate, you can use the versatile blade, but it is recommended to buy one individually for cutting through the laminate floor.

How To Use It?

These blades are made of high-strength materials that reduce the wear of the blade and can make clean and fast cuts in thick laminate material. The two regular blades used for laminate flooring are made of carbon steel or bi-metal. These two alloys differ when cutting the laminate without crushing or damaging the workpiece.

Also, laminate blades are designed to avoid splitting. Ideally, you want these knives to have between 10 and 20 TPI (teeth per inch) so that you can quickly work even the most challenging project floor.

What blade is used to cut the kitchen counter?

To install a new sink, and if you need to cut the desktop, jigsaws are the ideal tool for the task in question. They offer excellent mobility and allow smooth and rounded cutouts in these types of projects. Although there are many blades on the market, the most commonly used blade for this type of application is a laminate cutting blade.

When buying a package of blades, you should look for a special laminate blade with about eight teeth per inch. These blades are made of flexible and robust metal alloys, such as carbon steel or bi-metal, and offer high power and versatility. They are also produced to allow you to decrease over the counter without worrying about peeling the surface.

Which saw is plastic?

To cut the plastic with a saw, you just need the right blade. For these applications, you need to use a fragile metal cutting blade. Those made from a durable alloy, such as carbon steel or bi-metal are a few dollars more expensive than the primary blades on the market, but it would be perfect for the job. When cutting plastic with this energy tool, you need to consider several things.

The first thing is that to avoid chips on the surface; you should try to cut through the bottom of the workpiece. This will help to ensure that rough edges are on the hidden side of the material, and you can feel free to grind the raw blade, once you have finished cutting.

The second step is to use paint strips and glue to the area you want to cut. Then draw a cutting line on the tape and cut it, which can help reduce the risk of damage to the plastic. The last note is to make sure you use your tool at a low speed.

Plastic is a very soft material. Jigsaws that work at high speed can generate too much heat and possibly melt or fuse the plastic edge. By reducing the slower rate, you minimize the accumulation of heat, while making clean and smooth cuts.


The Saw is one of the most straightforward tools to study. Simple basics such as cutting jump, pressing the machine on the workpiece, and quickly choosing the right blade for a particular material make it one of the most reliable tools in your workshop.

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